Sorry for the Inactivity!

Hey everyone, Red here!

I just want to apologize for the recent inactivity. I’ve been having issues in real life lately, and it’s been hard to get on the Internet. However, a new theme is somewhat in the works, and I’m hoping to start posting again by the end of this month or possibly even next week.

Peace out for now,

Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

Happy Chinese New Year to all of the Club Penguin players with a Chinese background :) Today is a wonderful day full of celebration and happiness. Although Club Penguin is not having an event for Chinese New Year, if you do celebrate it, there is a code that you can unlock to receive a gift. Enter the code HAPPYCNY to unlock the Purple Dragon Costume and Purple Dragon Feet.

I hope you enjoy your day, and don’t forget to have fun and stay safe!

Club Penguin DJ K-Dance Pin

Hey there penguins, a brand new pin has been released on the Club Penguin island. It is called the DJ K-Dance pin, and it is located at the Beach.

DJ K-Dance Pin

Our Club Penguin Pin Tracker has been updated. If you would like to add this pin tracker to your website or blog, you can get the HTML code by clicking on this link. Below is our pin tracker. You can also find it on the sidebar at

As a result of the new pin being hidden, the Headphones pin is no longer available at the Dance Club. Stay tuned to the site for more information on the SoundStudio Party 2015.

Club Penguin Times Issue #487

So, I sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee and read the new Club Penguin Times…

Let’s check it out! Here’s the feature story.

Here’s the support story. It talks about Cadence and her history.

Meh. There’s nothing like the Club Penguin Times from the old days, these new editions keep getting more and more boring. Oh well! I guess I should finish my drink and head out…

I’m Leaving

Hello everyone, lately I haven’t felt like blogging or playing Club Penguin anymore, and I’ve decided to quit – permanently.

These past few years in my life have been amazing, but upsetting at the same time. While blogging has opened many new doors for me, I think I’m going to move on and do something with my life rather than sitting behind a computer screen.

Don’t worry – the blog will not shut down, however. My friend Red Macaron will be taking over the site for me. We used to be friends in real life, and used to play Club Penguin together all the time. He seems like he knows what he is doing ;) I am giving him my website, and he will continue to make posts related to Club Penguin cheats and events. I basically gave him everything, my entire life from last year. We sat down and talked in real life, and he knows how things are going to go, and what do to exactly.

All of the money made from this blog will be used to keep it running, I will pay the fees and have Red Macaron keep posting to keep you guys updated.

In other news, my penguin, “Ferdthebird,” has been deleted on Club Penguin. I will have no use for it anymore, and I’m sorry to those who are affected by it (even though it shouldn’t really be anyone.)

Anyway, please treat Red Macaron as if it were me. He’s a pretty cool guy, and knows a lot about design (especially) and working with websites. He’s been playing Club Penguin for a while and has lots of experience, and was excited when I offered him this position on my blog (which is now his, I guess.)

One more thing – I do not have a Twitter account. I’ve quit Twitter, so anyone with a username pretending to be me isn’t really me. I am not coming back to Twitter, so anyone who might say that I am is wrong, I am never making a Twitter ever again.

I guess this is it. Thanks for making these past two years amazing years that I will never forget.


Club Penguin Rebels Pin

It’s been two weeks since the last pin has been hidden on the Club Penguin island, and thus a new one has been released. The new pin – the Rebels Pin – is located at the school. It is free for members and non-members to pick up. You can pick up this pin by clicking on it from anywhere in the room. It will be added to your inventory.

rebels pin

I hope I’ve helped you out by locating this pin for you. Make sure to follow @clubpenguinbay on Twitter for more Club Penguin cheats and tips. This is my new Twitter account!

See you later,

SURVEY: What Do You Do in Club Penguin?

Hey penguins,

For 2015, I’m going to try to base most of the content I write on Club Penguin Bay about what you like to do while you’re on Club Penguin. So, that’s the question – What do you like to do while you’re on Club Penguin?

My little brother, who also has a penguin account, logged in the other day and immediately asked me where the EPF went. He enjoyed playing System Defender, and Club Penguin made it too confusing to find where the headquarters was. That made me realize that what if everyone in his age group (9-12) needed help finding where it was? Then maybe I should write some pages or posts helping out with the EPF and some System Defender guides.

So… please leave a comment letting me know what you like to do on Club Penguin. Do you like to play games? Do you like to sit around with friends and do nothing? Do you come to cheat blogs for help finding pins and items? Tell me everything.

Thank you!

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It’s been two weeks since the previous pin has been on the island, and it is time to release a new pin. This two-week’s pin is called the Fishing Rod pin. It is available for all players – members and nonmembers – for free! You can find this pin at the Hidden Lake. Read more about the new pin by clicking on the image of the pin tracker below.


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