Club Penguin Cutouts

Club Penguin Cutouts

Club Penguin Cutouts

Welcome to the main Club Penguin Cutouts page! Formerly, Club Penguin Bay’s selection of cutouts is more organized and complete. The pages will be updated monthly with new cutouts. If you have a request or questions, please leave your comment along with your Twitter username in the comments section below. If you would like a specific cutout, please provide a link to the .swf file.

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Club Penguin Penguin Cutouts


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  • WackyDawg

    Hey guys where are all the fair items??

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It’s been two weeks since the previous pin has been on the island, and it is time to release a new pin. This two-week’s pin is called the Fishing Rod pin. It is available for all players – members and nonmembers – for free! You can find this pin at the Hidden Lake. Read more about the new pin by clicking on the image of the pin tracker below.
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